FEATURES: Wescor Hematology Stat Stainer Cytocentrifuge Model 7121
The Aerospray Hematology Stat automated slide stainer is a dual-purpose microprocessor-controlled slide staining and cell preparation system.


Atomizing spray nozzles apply fresh two-part water-based Romanowsky reagents onto microscope slides prepared with blood or other body fluid specimens. Up to 12 slides are mounted in a rotating carousel. The stainer produces slides with exceptionally clean fields. Because only fresh reagents are applied to the slides, there is no chance of slide-to-slide cross-contamination of specimens.


The Hematology Stat is easily programmable with 10 intensity settings including three pre-set settings for bone marrow samples. The instrument is highly responsive to a wide range of staining requirements.


Wescor’s standard hematology reagents consist of separate eosin and thiazin (azure B and methylene blue stains) plus a light eosin rinse, all in aqueous solution. Anhydrous methanol is used for fixation. These stains are exceptionally stable and provide excellent staining consistency.
Hematology Stat Stains


The Aerospray TB includes an operator initiated clean cycle that reduces maintenance to a minimum. As part of the regular maintenance, nozzles are easily disassembled for easy cleaning


The Aerospray TB has a lid interlock system which locks the lid during carousel rotation. A rotation indicator is located on the front panel that will light up if the carousel or rotor is rotating. The stainer also monitors the levels of the reagents and will warn the user if reagent levels are low.


With the optional Cytopro® cytocentrifuge rotor, the Aerospray TB becomes a superb cytocentrifuge with eight-slide capacity. It allows you to efficiently spin sample cells and sediment them onto microscope slides for staining without purchasing an additional instrument. The user programs the speed, time, and acceleration settings to protect cell morphology. Up to nine memory settings can be stored for quick access to frequently used settings.

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