How Wescor Hematology Stat Stainer Cytocentrifuge Model 7121 Works

Reagents are applied from atomizing spray nozzles onto microscope slides containing the specimens. Staining is rapid and precise. Specimens contact only fresh stain, avoiding specimen crosscontamination or contact with contaminated reagents. Fixation can be done in the instrument or slides can be hand fixed.

Slides are automatically fixed with methanol or with Aerofix® fixative at the beginning of the staining cycle (alternatively, slides can be hand-fixed using methanol or Basofix®). After a drying sequence, eosin stain is applied. Thiazin dye is then applied to stain the basophilic cell components, followed by another brief stain penetration period. A buffered rinse cleans the slides of excess stain and is then removed by centrifugation. Slides are dry and ready for the microscope at the end of the cycle.

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