Wescor Aerospray TB Acid-Fast Bacteria Stainer & Cytocentrifuge Model 7721

Hematology Slide Stainer Cytocentrifuge Wescor Model 7121

Ready for the Microscope in Minutes... Aerospray TB provides many advantages over hand staining or automated dip type stainers, including speed, economy, consistent performance, and no cross-contamination.

Microscope slides smeared with materials potentially containing acid-fast microorganisms are stained to determine the presence and morphology of acid-fast microoganisms (AFB). Slides are ready for the microscope in minutes. The Aerospray TB automated slide stainer will stain acid-fast microorganisms (AFB) using either carbol fuchsin or fluorescence reagents. Only fresh reagents are applied to the slides so there is no chance of slide-to-slide cross-contamination. The reagent consumption is very low, throughput is high using either the 12- or 30-slide slide carousel, and slides are dry and ready for the microscope in five minutes giving superior results.

The Acid-Fast Bacteria Slide Stainer is also a fully capable cytocentrifuge with the purchase of the optional Cytopro® rotor. One of the greatest functions of the Wescor Aerospray stainers is their ability to be utilized as a cytocentrifugation instrument. With the addition of the optional Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Rotor, the Aerospray TB is also able to deposit cells onto microscope slides. Wescor Aerospray stainers becomes a full featured cytocentrifuge with an 8 slide capacity and keyboard programmability at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a stand-alone cytocentrifuge.