AggRAM® Platelet Aggregation Features
The AggRAM offers unsurpassed precision, ease of use and flexibility. AggRAM couples four-channel laser optic modules with a powerful Windows interface. Up to two modules can be run per Remote Analyzer computer, providing up to eight channels to handle your workload.

AggRAM™ Platelet Aggregation Reagents
These reagents provide outstanding stability and performance at affordable pricing. Reagents are optimized for use with AggRAM, but may be used on any turbidometric aggregometer of similar quality.

AggRAM™ Ristocetin Cofactor Reagents
The Ristocetin Cofactor assay is more sensitive than RIPA to mild reductions in vWF and more often used to monitor therapy in vWD patients. Kit includes ristocetin, formalinized platelets, S.A.R.P. Reference Plasma, abnormal control and tris-buffered saline for 60 tests.

Advanced Laser Optics
Unlike the tungsten lamp optics of old, the AggRAM uses a laser diode to provide beautiful precision across all channels. Upon start-up, AggRAM performs a laser balance check to ensure reproducibility day to day, year to year. Advanced optics coupled with an improved algorithm for slope calculation greatly improve precision for ristocetin cofactor testing.

Powerful, User-Friendly Interface
The AggRAM system software takes full advantage of the Windows platform. On-screen prompts step users through testing. The ability to open multiple windows greatly increases efficiency. For instance, watch the channel display in real time in one window while starting a new worklist in another. Open a third window and print previous runs or observe any combination of channels. Additional features include:
  • Three levels of password protection, from user to administrator
  • Quick access to data input screens
  • Barcode and bi-directional LIS capable

Data Handling Features
Automatically calculates slope and max % aggregation; displays and print lag phase; automatically calculates curves and smooths; reference overlay

Customized Reports
Includes data from one channel or four, one patient or the whole run; pulls from data archives to profile patient results over time.

Quality Control
Evaluates and charts QC for ristocetin cofactor based on Westgard rules; generates Levy-Jennings charts, standard curves, etc with an integral action log.

Discovery Diagnostics
Canadian Customers
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