ChloroChek Chloridometer - 10μL Sample Size

Discovery Diagnostics is the Canadian distributor for Wescor's ChloroChek Chloride meter, The perfect Cystic Fibrosis diagnostic companion to the Macroduct® Sweat Collection System. Early diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve both the quality of life and the lifespan of children born with cystic fibrosis. The proven diagnostic effectiveness of analyzing chloride ions in sweat makes it vital to perform this test soon after birth.

Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit for Blood Banks and Laboratories

Wescor has long been an innovator in the laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.

Simple to Operate and Maintain
The ChloroChek is easy to operate with results in less than 20 seconds. Electrode maintenance is simply a daily rinse with deionized water.

Touch Screen Display
ChloroChek’s intuitive touch-screen interface, with simple prompts, leads the operator through the entire process of measuring chloride levels of sweat samples.

Easy to use Electrodes
Electrodes are simply pushed into place for easy installation and removal for cleaning.

Sweat Controls
Sweat controls are available with three levels to insure the highest quality control procedures for regulatory requirements.