How Wescor's Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Model 7621 Works
Perfect Alignment

The Cytopad® snaps quickly between the chamber and the frame. This guarantees that the pad is always correctly aligned with the sample tunnel. No fumbling and no cell loss due to poor alignment.

Patented Flow Control Ring

Cytopads are made with a controlled compression ring around the sample hole. This controls the rate of absorption and allows compensation for the lot-to-lot variations in paper quality for more consistent results.

Dual Sample Ports (single chamber only)

Two ports, one in the sample well and one in the tunnel, provide great versatility, allowing you to introduce pre-wetting fluids and making in situ fixation easy and reliable.

Chamber Caps

You can load samples directly through the chamber caps to prevent spilling of hazardous samples. Caps provide added safety to the operator.

7 mm Cell Area

A large, centered cell deposit area makes screening easier and more sensitive.

Dual Sample Chambers

Advanced design places two samples on the same slide for increased efficiency and economy. Dual sample chambers provide the same excellent results as our single sample chambers.

How the Chamber Works
  1. The cell suspension is pipetted into the sample well or the tunnel.
  2. As the rotor starts spinning, centrifugal force moves the suspension towards the slide.
  3. Cells sediment onto the slide as the Cytopad absorbs the suspension medium.

Versatility is one of Cytopro's major strengths. The system satisfies a wide variety of sample treating requirements:

Choice of Absorption Pads

Cytopads come in two absorption speeds that are color-coded for ease of use. The white pad is for faster absorption of thick of debris-filled suspension fluids. The brown pad is for slower absorption of thin fluids such as cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) where slower flow enhances cell recovery.

Disposable/Reusable Chambers

Wescor's unique Cytopro chambers are competitively priced for disposable use, or they can be reused after suitable cleaning. The choice is yours.

Prewetting Versatility

The tunnel port accepts saline or other fluids to pre-wet the absorption pad at the beginning of a cycle. This exclusive patented feature significantly improves cell recovery.

In Situ Fixation

A common problem with Papanicolaou staining is air drying of the sample cells. In situ fixation during the cytocentrifugation cycle is the most reliable way to prevent this problem.

In situ fixation with Cytopro is very simple. Load a few drops of sample into the tunnel port, then load fixative into the sample well. As the rotor accelerates, the cells are fixed after they sediment onto the slide.


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