Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Rotor - Magnum Sample Chamber Features

  • Works only with the Wescor Cytopro Cytocentrifuge Rotor Model AC 160
  • Quick and easy loading and unloading.
  • Ample 6 mL sample volume.
  • Large 15 x 21mm sample viewing area.
  • Complete absorption of cell suspension fluid for reduced mess and biohazard.
  • Automatic mixing of sample at start of run. The sample is mixed in the sedimentation chamber by the entry of the sample fluid.
  • Chamber wall is perpendicular to the microscope slide to enhance even cell collection.
  • Semi-absorbent seal for removing residual fluid from the surface of the slide.
Conclusion: The Wescor Cytopro Magnum is a significant development in cytocentrifugation and liquid based cytology. Its revolutionary design offers superior results with extraordinary convenience and a new level of biohazard protection.

Cytopro Magnum Sample Chamber


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