Cytopro® Cytocentrifuge Rotor Magnum Sample Chamber

The Wescor Cytopro Magnum™ large sample chamber is a revolutionary development in cytocentrifugation.

This large capacity sample chamber handles sample volumes up to 6 mL, while providing enhanced safety features. Cells are transferred from a holding well to a sedimentation chamber, where the cells are thoroughly mixed to produce an even monolayer on the slide. The spent suspension fluid is completely absorbed and stabilized by an absorbent material at the end of cytocentrifugation. This protects the collected cells from accidental damage. It also protects the operator, the rotor and the environment from biohazard contamination. This protection provides a new level of convenience in handling the spent sample fluid. No more worries about spillage. And the results are exceptional.

The Cytopro Magnum, like the other Cytopro® chambers, produces excellent, highly visible specimen slides. With a simple lever release, Wescor’s Cytopro Magnum provides the same easy and convenient loading and unloading as Wescor’s other excellent Cytopro chambers. The Cytopro Magnum automatically mixes the sample at startup for superb cellular distribution. With the chamber walls perpendicular to the microscope slide, an even collection of cells is ensured. The semi-absorbent seal at the microscope slide quickly absorbs fluid after the sedimentation chamber has been drained in order to remove the last residual fluid drops at the slide surface. The result is a slide without the common mess of other large sample chambers, with consistently superior cell distribution.