Macroduct Sweat Stimulation System Related Products

ChloroChek ChloridometerChloroChek Chloridometer
ChloroChek Chloridometer is The perfect CF diagnostic companion to the Macroduct® Sweat Collection System. Intuitive touch-screen user interface, with simple multilanguage graphic prompts, leads the operator through the entire process of measuring chloride levels in sweat samples as small as 10μL in less than 20 seconds. Consistent and simple, ChloroChek is on the cutting edge, performing accurate coulometric chloride titration of 10μL samples, a huge step forward in diagnosing cystic fibrosis in clinical laboratories that demand fast-paced accuracy with minimal cost.

Sweat Chek Sweat Conductivity Analyzer
Wescor's Model 3120 Sweat-Chek™ Sweat Conductivity Analyzer, provides electrical conductivity values for laboratory screening of cystic fibrosis. Simple direct injection of 10μL of sweat from the Macroduct™ sweat collection system provides electrical conductivity values for laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. The temperature of the conductivity cell is automatically maintained, and calibration check is simply performed.

NanoDuct Neonatal sweat analysisNanoduct® Neonatal Sweat Analysis System
Early diagnosis and treatment can significantly improve both the quality of life and the lifespan of children born with cystic fibrosis. The proven diagnostic effectiveness of analyzing electrolyte concentration in sweat makes it vital to perform this test as soon as possible after birth. Wescor has long been the leading innovator in the laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis® with the Macroduct Sweat Collector and its companion, the Sweat-Chek™ Sweat Conductivity Analyzer.

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