Wescor Nanoduct™ Neonatal Sweat Analysis System Model 1030
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Cat. No. Item
NANODUCT 1030 NANODUCT Neonatal Sweat Analysis System
AC-081 Calibration Standard Plate for Nanoduct
AC-111 Patient Simulator for Nanoduct
AC-113 Power Supply for AC-111 
AC-115 Lab Report Software Utility Kit 
Supplies for Nanoduct System
SS-043 Supply Kit for Nanoduct   - 6 tests
Waste Pads (100) for AC-111
Repair/Replacement Parts for Nanoduct System
RP-238 Battery, lithium CR2025 3V
RP-343 s/n < *0477, Electrode Cable Set for Nanoduct
RP-347 Case Latch for Nanoduct 
RP-349 s/n >= *0477, Main PCBA (Dealers Only), Nanoduct
RP-350 Cleaning Adaptor for AC-111
RP-351 Tweezers 
RP-352 Hemostat 
RP-353 Attachment Strap Retainer Post, Nanoduct
RP-354 Electrode Strap, Small, Nanoduct
RP-355 Electrode Strap, Medium, Nanoduct
RP-356 Electrode Strap, Large, Nanoduct
RP-357 Pos (+) Red Holder for Sensor Cell, Nanoduct
RP-358 Neg (-) Black Holder for Sensor Cell, Nanoduct
RP-359 s/n >= *0477, Electrode Cable Set, Rd/Blk, Nano
RP-360 s/n >= *0477, Manual, instruct/srvc, Nanoduct
RP-361 Manual, instruction, for AC-111
Factory Service
FS-451 Nanoduct Calibration Plate Verification

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