ColoCARE is designed to be simple, clean and fast – because other occult blood tests are anything but simple, clean and fast! Here is all you have to do.

  1. After a bowel movement, place ColoCARE in the toilet.
  2. Watch for and record any color change.
  3. Dispose of ColoCARE by simply flushing the toilet.
  4. Return reply card to your doctor.
It’s that easy! No more sticks, storage or handling of feces!

The test pad consists of biodegradable paper chemically treated with a chromogen. The pad is floated on the water surface in the toilet bowl. If detectable blood is present, the hemoglobin reacts with the chromogen, and a blue and/or green color reaction occurs. The test pad has three reaction sites: a large test square and two smaller control squares to verify the system functions properly.

"The Canadian Cancer Society recommends that men and women age 50 and over have a fecal occult blood test at least every two years. The Society accepts convincing evidence that the death rate from colorectal cancer can be reduced significantly if this screening takes place widely among the Canadian population. Colorectal cancer screening programs should ensure that the most effective technology for screening is used".

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