Colorectal Screening Programs

ColoCARE is an excellent choice for health fairs and employee screens. Each patient kit provides the means to test three consecutive bowel movements and contains everything needed to complete testing in the privacy of home. When considering which tests to include in your next program, consider the economy and effectiveness of the ColoCare® fecal occult blood test. Discovery Diagnostics is happy to work with program sponsors, providing assistance in designing a successful program with ColoCare®.

ColoCare® is a clean, simple self-test. Sensitivity and specificity equals guaiac slides, but there's no stool handling, no developers and no processing. Compliance rates as high as 90% have been reported. Try ColoCare®, the easy-to-use, economical choice for your next screening program.

Screening Program Packs to detect blood in the stool Screening Program Packs and Special Orders
Cat. No. Item
5650 ColoCARE Screening Pack, 250 Patients

Special orders are available to meet the need and scope of your screening program. Call Toll Free: 1-888-883-9101 for complete information on pricing and time requirements for special orders.

When you choose ColoCare® for your screening program, we provides support materials at no cost - wall charts, educational handouts, promotional materials, etc. Simply request the materials below when you place your order for a screening program with ColoCare®.

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Canadian Customers
if you wish to speak to a Discovery Diagnostics sales representative or customer service, for information about ColoCARE Fecal Occult Blood Test, please call Toll Free within Canada: 1-888-883-9101.Outside Canada, click here for ordering information.