ColoScreen Tape that is made of guaiac impregnated paperColoScreen Tape

Cat. No. Item
5079 ColoScreen Tape, 2 x 100 tests
  with On-Slide tape ColoCheck Monitors
  2 x 15 mL ColoScreen Developer
The ColoScreen system offers maximum savings with ColoScreen Tape. The tape is made of guaiac impregnated paper which is perforated every 1 3/4" for convenient economical use. Each  section has performance monitors included on a portion of the tape to provide a quality control check for every patient test. A small amount of stool sample is applied to the tape and the ColoScreen Developer added.

ColoScreen DeveloperColoScreen Developer

Cat. No. Item
5077 ColoScreen Developer-15, 20 x 15 mL
5078 ColoScreen Developer-2, 50 x 2 mL
The convenience of using ColoScreen Slides can be enhanced by placing extra vials of ColoScreen Developer in satellite locations such as the emergency room, examining room or nurse's station as well as in the laboratory. Stock inventory in central supply and it will be accessible whenever and wherever slides need to be developed. Available in two vial sizes.

For use with ColoScreen slides only. See Cat. No. 5088 for use with ColoScreen-ES slides

ColoScreen Mailing EnvelopesColoScreen Mailing Envelopes

Cat. No. Item
1002 ColoScreen Envelopes, 100/pkg

ColoScreen Envelopes are foil envelopes that are moisture proof and designed to meet U.S. Postal Service mailing regulations.

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