ColoScreenSupply all information listed on the front flap of the ColoScreen Slide. Open the front flap.

A. Sample Collection and Application

  1. Unfold one of the collection tissues. Float it on the surface of the water so that the edges stick to the sides of the toilet bowl. The stool should fall onto the tissue.
  2. Using the applicator provided, collect asmall amount of specimen from different areas (e.g. surface or interior) of the stool on one endof applicator. Apply a very thin smear in Box A.
  3. Reuse applicator to obtain a second sample from a different part of the stool specimen. Apply a very thin smear inside Box B. (On subsequent bowel movements, repeat above steps on additional slides.)
  4. Flush tissue with stool, and discard stick in waste container.
  5. Allow the specimen to air dry, then close the cover.
B. Development
  1. Open perforated window on the back of the slide.
  2. Apply two (2) drops of ColoScreen Developer to the back side of boxes A and B.
  3. Read results after 30 seconds and within 2 minutes.
  4. Record the results;
    any trace of blue color, within or on the outer rim of the specimen, is positive for occult blood.
C. ColoCheck Monitors
Note: The procedure for developing the sample test must be completed, interpreted and recorded before proceeding with the development of ColoCheck Monitors.
  1. To develop ColoCheck Monitors, place one or two drops of ColoScreen Developer between the Positive and Negative Monitor boxes.
  2. Read the results after 30 seconds and within 2 minutes.
  3. Positive ColoCheck Monitor should turn blue, but the Negative

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