ColoScreen Occult Blood Test for the Physician's OfficeColoScreen Occult Blood Test for the Physician's Office

Cat. No. Item
5071 ColoScreen Office Pack, 100 Triples
  100 Triple Unit ColoScreen Slides with On-Slide
  ColoCheck Monitors
  6 x 15 mL ColoScreen Developer
  300 Specimen Applicators
  100 ColoScreen Mailing Envelopes
  100 Patient Instruction Sheets (bold print for easier reading)

Ideal for physician's office or clinic use, the Office Pack allows slides, sample applicators and mailing envelopes to be conveniently distributed to patients, who can then prepare test slides in the privacy of their homes. The convenient triple slide provides three successive tests in one unit. Each single slide in the triple unit has two test areas so that multiple sites from each specimen may be tested, increasing accuracy.

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