ColoScreen-ES is a lower cost, highest quality alternative to Beckman® Coulter Hemoccult® Sensa®. ES means extra sensitive and it provides a brighter blue color development that makes interpretation easy. ColoScreen and ColoScreen-ES slides are available as singles for laboratory use or in convenient triple slides for outpatient use. Each ColoScreen slide has two sample sites to allow testing from two different sites of the stool sample. Multiple sampling sites improve the chance of detecting a true positive. ColoCheck Monitors are impregnated into the guaiac paper of every slide to ensure proper performance of the slide and developer. Simply add a drop of developer to each ColoCheck Monitor and watch for a reaction.

ColoScreen-ES occult blood testColoScreen-ES (Extra Sensitive) Office Pack

Cat. No. Item
5085 ColoScreen-ES Office Pack, 80 Triples
  80 Take Home Kits (each contains Triple Slide
  with Monitors, Collection Tissues, Applicators,
  Test Instructions & Mailing Envelope)
  6 x 15 mL ColoScreen-ES Developer

ColoScreen-ES lab pack to detect blood in stoolColoScreen-ES Lab Pack - Singles

Cat. No. Item
5086 ColoScreen-ES Lab Pack, 100 Singles
  100 Single Slides with Monitors
  2 x 15 mL ColoScreen-ES Developer

ColoScreen-ES DeveloperColoScreen-ES Developer

Cat. No. Item
5088 ColoScreen-ES Developer, 20 x 15 mL
  For added convenience, place extra vials of
  ColoScreen-ES developer in satellite locations
  such as the emergency room, exam room or nurse's
  station as well as the laboratory.
  For use with ColoScreen-ES slides only.

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