Temperature, not time, is the Standard for Blood Management.
Saf-T-Vue needs to be refrigerated for 24 hrs prior to use.

Safe-T-Vue® improves quality assurance in two ways:
  1. It specifically shows whether the blood may be reissued when returned,
    (*Standards, AABB)
  2. It promotes the requirements of accountability during its transport.
Safe-T-Vue® Temperature Indicators are packed as boxes of 50 Indicators.  Each box is stamped with its lot number and expiration date.

Safe-T-Vue® Technical Information
  1. Store Safe-T-Vue® in blood refrigerator at least 24 hours prior to use.
  2. Take blood and Safe-T-Vue® out of the refrigerator at the same time.
  3. Position the Safe-T-Vue® directly on the plastic of the blood bag in an area that has the largest volume of blood.
In just 10 seconds, each blood bag is ready for transport. The white center indicates a safe temperature below 10°C. If blood bags are returned and the Safe-T-Vue center is still white you can re-refrigerate with the Indicator attached and later reissue.

*American Association of Blood Banks Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion, 19th Edition, Washington, D.C. ---Reissue of Blood H4.100 "blood that has been returned to the blood bank or transfusion service shall not be reissued unless the following conditions have been observed:... H4.120. The blood has not been allowed to warm above 10 degrees centigrade or to cool below 1 degree centigrade during storage or transportation."

Discovery Diagnostics
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