Sweat-Chek™ Sweat Conductivity Analyzer Specifications

Minimum Sample Volume 6 to 10 microliters
Useful Range 0 to 150 mmol/L (equivalent NaCl)
Precision 2 mmol/L (equivalent NaCl) (1 S.D.)
Critical Range Linear Error Less than 2 percent from 75 to 110 mmol/L
Warm-up Time Approximately 2 minutes after power-up
Readout 3-digit LCD
Cell Operation Temperature Approximately 39.5°C to ± 0.5 °C
Specimen Temperature Equilibration Time 10 seconds typical
Line Voltage (User Selectable) 115 V (100 to 120 V nominal) or 230 V(220 to 240 V nominal), 50/60 Hz
Power Less than 10 W
Fuse 1/4 A time-delay type for 100/120 volts (2 required)
1/8 A time-delay type for 220/240 volts (2 required)
Size and Weight 10 cm x 20 cm x 16 cm, 1.0 kg

Discovery Diagnostics
Canadian Customers
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