Sweat-Chek™ Sweat Conductivity Analyzer

Simple direct injection of 10 microliters of sweat from the Macroductâ„¢ sweat collection system provides electrical conductivity values for laboratory screening of cystic fibrosis. The temperature of the conductivity cell is automatically maintained, and calibration check is simply performed.

Val-A-Sure Cooler Validation Kit for Blood Banks and Laboratories

Dedicated analyzer for the Macroduct System for total electrolyte analysis of sweat samples.

Interfacing perfectly with Macroduct, Sweat-Chek brings simplicity and economy to the analytical phase of the sweat test for the laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis..

A truly practical sweat testing system is now within the means of small hospitals, local clinics, or private practitioners. Larger clinics and hospitals need no longer tie down personnel and resources with the tedious and error-prone pad absorption procedure when the Wescor method is so simple, safe, and accurate. While clinicians have traditionally used sweat chloride or sweat sodium ion assay, sweat conductivity is a proven method of sweat analysis.

Thousands of satisfied customers admit that the Sweat-Chek is easy-to-use, reliable and accurate. The co-inventor of the QPIT method, Dr. Lewis E. Gibson (1927-2008), was a firm supporter of the Macroduct/Sweat-Chek method, who stated: "[Sweat-Chek]...gives results that are every bit as reliable as an analysis for sodium or chloride."