PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - Cleaning The Thermal Couple Head
Materials needed:
Wescor Cleaning Solution, (Cat. # SS-003)
Purified Water
Liquid Dropper
Blow Clean Liquefied Propellant or Equivalent.
(Pressure limited to 20 psig.)

To remove significant contamination, use the Wescor cleaning solution followed by numerous successive rinses with pure water. Wescor’s cleaning solution is approximately 8% ammonium hydroxide. Concentrated ammonium hydroxide can be used to remove particularly stubborn contamination, as described in Section 4.6. Lint or dust particles can usually be removed by simply rinsing with water a number of times.

Click the link below to watch a detailed video showing the proper procedure for cleaning the Thermal Couple Head
Vapro Osmometer Themocouple Head Cleaning Video

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