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Cytocentrifuges and Rotors

Cytocentrifuges And Rotors

Discovery Diagnostics, is the Canadian distributor of Wescor's Cytopro Cytocentrifuge & Rotor.

Cytopro® Rotor

Cytopro® Rotor

Optional accessory to the Aerospray Stainers, giving them full-featured cytocentrifuge capability. The Cytopro Rotor allows you to turn your Aerospray® stainer ito a full-featured cytocentrifuge system.

Cytopro® Rotor Dual Sample Chamber

Cytopro® Rotor Single Sample Chambers

The Cytopro cytocentrifuge has an eight-slide capacity and keyboard programmability. It can also accept a variety of sample chambers to meet your needs. The Wescor sample chambers are the heart of the Cytopro system. Their unique, well thought out design brings superb cell recovery and adherence without intricate error- prone procedures.

Cytopro® Rotor Dual Sample Chamber

Cytopro® Rotor Dual Sample Chambers

Wescor’s dual sample chambers incorporate all the advantages of the popular single chambers, multiplied by two. The unique design combines ease of use with superb cell recovery. Dual sample chambers feature Wescor’s patented Cytopads® that are unsurpassed in controlling fluid flow from the sample chamber to provide excellent cell recovery in both chambers.

Cytopro Magnum Sample CHamber

Cytopro® Rotor Magnum Sample Chambers

The Wescor Cytopro Magnum™ large sample chamber is a revolutionary development in cytocentrifugation. This large capacity sample chamber handles sample volumes up to 6 mL, while providing enhanced safety features. This works on the Rotor Model AC 160 Only.